Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The cacophony of sounds I hear from our new apartment

~dogs barking

~tropical birds singing, “tuu-weet! tuu-weet!”, “tweet!”, “twee-uh-wee-uh-weet!”, “brruh, brruh, brruh" 
~the aerating swimming pool five floors below
~an old woman shouting “pan!” (bread), "empanadas!", carrying a large round basket on her head maneuvering the neighborhood on foot
~someone singing
~the shouts of a school teacher at a school for kids with special needs “bravo! bravo!”
~car alarms
~the loud speaker atop a van driving by advertising something, I don’t know what
~fireworks (day and night) though they sound a lot like gunshots
~a ringing bell by a man selling paleta’s (popsicles)

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  1. Thanks Ms Z for your colorful, cacophonous blog! We'll look forward to your observations, stories, and updates.

    Estar Bien!