Saturday, May 19, 2012

Playa la Puntilla and the thrill of being a traveler

  Because I love the beach, I’ve made it a habit to ask the people I meet here what their favorite beach is.  So far, Costa del Sol and El Espino have been the top two mentioned.  My husband and I decided to venture to Playa Costa del Sol on Sunday afternoon.  The hotel we chose ended up being further down along the coast, past Costa del Sol, called La Puntilla.  From San Salvador, it took us a little over an hour to get there.
  Hotel Pacific Paradise is simple and inviting.  When we arrived, Salvadoran families were gathered together at the pool, under the cabanas, and at the beach.  The staff was friendly, and the food, included with the stay, was just fine for the price and convenience.
  The beach was fantastic.  There were some large waves, but along the shore, they were small enough to get in the water.  We walked along the shore at sunset, passing a few families and tourists.  On Monday morning, most everyone had returned home.  We practically had the beach and cabanas to ourselves. 
  I remember that as we drove into the area of Costa del Sol, passing enclosed homes and estates on the right, and shacks and huts, food shops and stores on the left, I felt a little afraid.  The landscape is a touch desolate looking and we were entering into unknown territory.
  As we were leaving, I noted feeling relaxed and calm from being at the beach, laying in a hammock, and soothed by the heat that seemed to build by the minute.  The surroundings felt more familiar and I saw the landscape, not with fear, but with curiousity and joy.  Isn’t that what being a traveler is all about?  Diving into the unknown to see, to observe, to sit, to swim, and then return home to the known and the comfortable, but bring back with you the thrill and excitement of moving forward and seeking out, and the confidence gained from the experience of an adventure.


  1. Sounds like a little slice of paradise. And I love your comments about travel, the fear and ultimately the confidence that come with stepping out of your comfort zone. So happy for you that you are able to do this (and that I can read about it from my "comfort zone") ; )

  2. A little slice of paradise, YES! And it's been interesting to observe how with time this place feels more comfortable to me. It's still a place where we need to take precautions (as we do in Oakland) but I'm finding that as the months pass on, what was once scary or different to me is now more familiar. Glad to share the beauty with you!