Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lake Coatepeque - Lunch at the lake: the breeze, the views, divine!

  Coatepeque is a splendid and tranquil crater lake surrounded by private vacation homes.  On a Saturday afternoon, we practically had the place to ourselves. Next time I think we’ll just stop and have lunch at one of the restaurants at the top, avoiding the bumpy dirt road our little car had to traverse to get to the few restaurants at the base, (though it was worth the drive for our first visit!).
Coatepeque means “cerro de culebras” or “snake hill” in Nahuatl.  
We didn’t see any snakes in case you’re wondering.

Hotel Torremolinos and its restaurant Calderon de la Barca

We sat as close to the lake as we could.  
The part on stilts moved when we walked and swayed with the wind.

“Mojarra” a la plancha, grilled tilapia, fished from the lake

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