Sunday, March 11, 2012

House of Coffee and Plaza Futura

  In our Central America guidebook I read about this excellent café in the town of Ataco.  The writer was quite enamored with the place and mentioned that San Salvador also has a House of Coffee in the Plaza Futura, a modern office building surrounded by chain restaurants.  We visited Plaza Futura a few days after arriving in San Salvador and I remember thinking that it felt a lot like Los Angeles and their newer outdoor malls: palm trees, lounge furniture, overhead music, and a bunch of restaurants right next to each other.  At the time, I felt confused about where I was.  Since then, I’ve been to several large malls and I feel less confused.  Malls, chain stores and restaurants are a part of El Salvador and its culture, like it of not.

  On Saturday morning we ventured to House of Coffee.  We were one of few customers there, but we were early, as we almost always are.  We sat outside where there was a nice breeze and a view.  I chose “Desayuno de Ataco” which consisted of refried beans, tomato sauce, two eggs, fresh cheese, fried plantains, cream (like crème fraiche), and a roll.  I LOVE fried plantains so I was pretty content.  I had a decaf coffee, which isn’t always possible to find here, and my husband had the coffee “borbon”.  The coffee wasn’t as wonderful as we had hoped, but they offer many different kinds, all grown here in El Salvador.  We’ll have to try a different kind next time, as the overall experience deserves a return visit.

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