Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Playa Las Flores in Usulutan

  One nice thing about El Salvador is that it’s a small country.  People from San Salvador like to say that they can go just about anywhere within 45 minutes (the beach, the mountains, a volcano, an ancient Mayan ruin, and more).  Now that we have a car, we are better able to take advantage of all that El Salvador has to offer. 
  A mini-vacation getaway from San Salvador is doable and totally worth the effort.  After a recent work visit in San Miguel, we headed to El Cuco and Playa Las Flores.  San Miguel is a 2.5 hour drive East of San Salvador and El Cuco is 30-45 minutes from there. 
  Mira Flores hotel is located just North of El Cuco off a bumpy dirt road, across the way from a small cow farm.  While the hotel rooms and staff lack some hoped for charm and warmth, the hotel grounds are terrific.    Hammocks, a pool, a deck for lounging, the views, and the beach make for a bit of heaven.  At night, we were surrounded by sounds of geckos and in the morning we heard what sounded like thousands of roosters and cows.  We were definitely someplace different!
  Las Flores beach is shallow and inviting.  It was fun to wade in the warm water and be pushed along by the waves.  On a Saturday morning, the only people besides us were some visiting surfers from Florida, a young couple that acted like newlyweds, and a local father with two little girls.  From the hotel, we could see that El Cuco beach was the opposite – lively and filled with families.  We look forward to going back! http://www.elhotelmiraflores.com/

On our way into El Cuco we passed a herd of cows walking along the main road.

View from the hotel of El Cuco beach on a late Friday afternoon, no people in sight.

Long steep winding stairs from the hotel to the beach.  
This would be hard with a surfboard in hand!

Morning view from the hotel with a glimpse of one of the four decorative hammocks.

View of Playa Las Flores from the hotel.  
The surfers like the break just along the far edge.

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