Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting Perspective

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  Feliz Semana Santa!
  It’s Easter Sunday and we’re back “home” in San Salvador.  We had a great week-long visit to Tampa, St. Petersburg, and St. Pete Beach, Florida with my husband’s family.  It was my first time there.  I was impressed by all the water (canals, beaches, waterways), and birds (herons, snowy egrets, great egrets, cranes).  Both were everywhere we went.
  We were able to stock up on things we haven’t been able to find in El Salvador, like almond butter, maple syrup, and natural toothpaste; things that will help us feel more at home.  We also got to walk outside, which felt fantastic.  Yes, you can walk in El Salvador, but with caution.  Where we live is very dense with cars and traffic and it just is not an enjoyable experience.  I’ve resigned myself to walking in malls and on treadmills.
  It felt good to be in the States, where they speak my language and where I feel more safe.  But it also felt good to return to San Salvador.  This was our third time flying into the Comalapa Airport and we were both struck by our level of comfort.  We knew how to navigate through customs, we knew we had a ride to take us into town, and we knew our lovely light-filled apartment was awaiting us. 
  I have always enjoyed traveling.  Seeing new things, having new experiences, getting “away from it all”, make the inevitable hassles of travel insignificant.  For me, perhaps the most valuable aspect of travel is the perspective I get from seeing different ways of living.  I return home from trips with a greater appreciation and renewed energy for my life. 
  So here I am, three months into our time here, with renewed vigor, grand plans, and great hope for what’s to come.  Below are a few photos from the trip.  Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  Feliz Semana Santa!
Egret waiting outside Aunt's kitchen window hoping for food.

St. Pete Beach, lined with seashells and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Family pretending to ride a vespa at Mazzaro's Italian Market in St. Petersburg.  
We stocked up on cheese and cannolis.

Cool entrance at the El Salvador Airport.

Inside the airport is a mural by Salvadoreñan artist Rafael Varela 
"Tribute to Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero".    

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