Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sundays in San Salvador, a day of rest

  Sundays in San Salvador are the best!  A day of tranquility, a day of rest, a day to catch up, and a day to reflect.  Many salvadoreñans have to work Monday through Saturday, so Sunday is the one day when they can be home with family.  Church plays a big role on Sunday. (I can hear organ music in the background as I type.)  Both Catholic and Evangelical churches offer services throughout the day so that everyone who wants to go has options to fit within their schedule.  For the retailers and restaurant workers who work on Sunday, a Saturday evening service is offered.  Whether church is a place to express and share devotion, or a place to connect with family and community, it is a big part of salvadoreñan culture.
  My husband and I choose to show our devotion to the gods and goddesses of health and wellbeing by going to the gym on Sunday.  There is no scramble to secure a spot on the treadmill or in front of the barbells.  There’s plenty of room and the energy is calm and focused.
  I remember the first time I ventured out of our apartment here on a Sunday to the grocery store.  It was around 10am and the streets felt desolate.  What a contrast to the usual hustle and bustle!  Since then, we’ve made it a day to explore the city and go to new places.  Traffic is usually quite intense with cars weaving in and around you at varying speeds, honking now and then for good effect, but not on Sunday.  It’s the one day I can navigate the roads with confidence.
  I am grateful for this day of respite.  It’s a break from the usual frenetic energy that is San Salvador Monday through Saturday.  Places throughout the world have incorporated the “need for rest” on Sunday.  We all need and deserve a break, whatever that ends up looking like for each of us.  Happy Sunday Everyone!

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