Sunday, October 28, 2012

God and Gifts from El Salvador

  Salvadorans frequently use phrases that include God.  “Que Dios te cuide, Que Dios le bendiga, Gracias a Dios, Si Dios quiere, Si Dios permite, Vaya con Dios, Primero Dios, Primeramente Dios, Espero en Dios, Como Dios manda, Dios me guarde, Dios guarde, etc.” God is part of their vocabulary, and for many, their window to the world.  Throughout our time here we have been given special gifts and food from people we’ve worked with.  Both big and small, these gifts made us feel blessed and thankful.  Entonces, como Dios manda, gracias a Dios por estos regalos y que Dios los bendiga! 

Fresh eggs from a small family farm.

Bags of magnificent avocado.

A hammock to take home to Oakland!

Natural Loofah to keep our skin beautiful.  

Tamales de Chipilin and pastries at the end of a workshop.  
These are just some of the delicious treats we were served.

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