Sunday, October 14, 2012

Serenity and Creativity in Panchimalco; Casa Taller Encuentros and delights along the way

  Casa Taller Encuentros exudes tranquility, creativity, collaboration, and vision.  For the town of Panchimalco, it offers a different perspective AND opportunity.  It inspires hope, attracts attention, and brings visitors from all over.  What would the world be like if every small town had a place like this?

Places to stop along the way to Panchimalco:

View from El Mirador.  Can you see Lago Ilopango in the distance?

Learn about one of El Salvador’s most esteemed
 writers and artists, Salurrué, at La Casa del Escritor
If you're lucky, you can meet Pantera, the black cat.

Salurrué meditated and dreamed in this room.  He liked to paint here.

Puerta del Diablo, The Devil’s Door
Be sure to go on a clear day for amazing views! 
Puerta del Diablo, The Devil’s Door

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