Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day! - El gran dia de San Valentin!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I like this day a lot.  I’m not exactly sure why, something about flowers and hearts and reds and pinks get me really excited.  It’s a day I like to celebrate in a quirky sort of way.  Here are some photos I took recently that feature the pinks and reds and hearts that make me happy.  Enjoy the day!  Feliz dia de San Valentin!  Me gusta mucho este dia.  No se exactamente porque pero algo que ver con las flores, los corazones y los colores me hacen feliz.  Aqui estan fotos con las cosas que me gustan.  Disfruta el dia!

Dulce de Leche cookies from San Martin Bakery
Galletas Alfajores de la Panaderia San Martin

Wax apples – Guindas Japonesas
A tropical fruit that looks prettier than it tastes.  
Una fruta tropical que luce mejor que el sabor.

A piece of art from an upcoming show at the Spanish Cultural Center 
in San Salvador about migration.  Arte del show que comienza este miercoles en el
Centro Cultural de Espana sobre el fenomeno migratorio.  

Hibiscus flowers - Rosa de Jamaica
Perfect for a refreshing drink.  
Perfecto para una bebida refrescante.

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day (one day late!) Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time! I also love hearts and sweets and getting a little crafty this time of year. I made some tiny heart sugar cookies with icing and pink sprinkles for Pearl's class. Your pic above reminded me of them. Hugs! E