Friday, February 10, 2012

Valley of the Hammocks - El Valle de las Hamacas

This was the nickname that the Spaniards gave San Salvador in the 1500s thanks to the frequent seismic activity from its fault line and volcanoes.  In the month that we’ve been here, we have felt at least four earthquakes.  Being from Oakland, California, earthquakes are more familiar to me than snow.  Not that I’m comfortable with them, but I expect them to happen and worry a bit when they don’t.  Some people have emergency kits and escape plans (something I need to work on), others hope for the best.  I’ve been told that the Salvadorans have many superstitions and taboos related to “terremotos” and “temblores”.  I look forward to learning what some of them are and to seeing how they might influence their culture. For those of you living in places where tremors and shakes occur…how do you think they influence you and your culture?

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