Sunday, August 26, 2012

Suchitoto – Art, Culture, and Tradition

  Thanks to built up expectations, I wasn’t enamored with the town of Suchitoto on my first visit.  This past week I had the opportunity to go again, with the intention of revisiting Lago Suchitlan.  With limited time, my visiting friend and I found ourselves at the main square.  We were quickly drawn to the Molino on the corner where the women in town bring their corn to be ground.  The owner of the place welcomed us in to watch and was happy to answer our questions.  Afterwards, we walked a few blocks to visit the Centro Arte para la Paz.  We were delighted by the place, impressed by their mission and vision, clearly portrayed throughout the center.  Back on the square we had time for a quick lunch at La Lupita del Portal. I recharged from the heat with a large limonada and a plate of grilled vegetables and pineapple served with baguette and chirmol (a green salsa).  It was the perfect light lunch in a sweet environment.  Upon leaving I felt charmed by “ciudad antigua”, the original San Salvador in the 1500s.  The town has been through many hardships including invading Spaniards and the more recent civil war.  Despite the history, the place has found a way to thrive with their art, culture, and tourism, while still managing to retain their traditions.  On this visit I was reminded that my first impressions aren’t always the best impressions and was thankful to have the chance to re-experience Suchitoto.

El Molino – For over 26 years the owner has been grinding corn, 
rice, wheat, pumpkin, meat, coffee, and hard cheese for the town of Suchitoto.

Centro Arte para la Paz 
A center offering a museum, art shows, garden, hostel, and classes 
of all kinds including music and art. 

“To create a culture of peace through the arts, promoting creativity, imagination, 
and cultural exchange with the participation of all the people of Suchitoto.”

View of the main square from La Lupita del Portal.


  1. What a nice post. I also like the other ones! I went to Suchitoto once as well and wasn't that impressed. I was used to Granada and Leon in Nicaragua. Give things a second chance!

  2. Hi Erika, Thanks for writing. I've yet to go to Granada or you're giving me reason to one day. And YES! Give things a second chance. Makes me reflect on our own hometown Oakland and how I might want to revisit some places when we return.