Sunday, September 30, 2012

Árbol de Fuego and Noticing Nature’s Beauty

 Time spent with my Mom almost always includes moments of her excitedly pointing out different flowers, plants, and trees.  “Look at that beautiful bougainvillea!”  “Look at that gorgeous wisteria!”  By pointing them out she shares her joy with me. 
  Throughout my life she has taught me to delight in NATURE.  I’ve also learned through her that by recognizing and naming a particular flower, plant, or tree, I can appreciate it just a bit more.  Now when I see a striking tree in bloom, I don’t say anything, but I think to myself “Look at that amazing TREE!” and I’m filled with wonder. 
  Despite the reality of deforestation and urbanization in El Salvador, there remain many tropical flowers, plants, and trees to notice, name, and delight in.  One that I now know and love is the Árbol de Fuego, or Flame Tree.  (On a recent visit with my Mom at Balboa Park in San Diego I learned from her they can also be called African Tulip Tree.)  The tree seems to be in bloom in this country all year long with its bright colors and crepe paper-like petals.  Here are some links to others who have been inspired by this tree.  Enjoy!  

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