Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It

  Somewhere on my recent trip to California I heard this quote.   Both quotes, “the grass is always greener on the other side” and “the grass is greener where you water it”, acknowledge that where you put your energy and focus is where your life shimmers and shines. 
  California is a beautiful place.  On my trip, I got to visit friends and family in Humboldt County, San Diego, and of course, Oakland.  I even got to visit our cats, garden, and home, awaiting our return in January.  It was a wonderful and rich visit that included many moments of noticing differences.  In California, the roads are wide and ample.  In El Salvador, they are not.  In Oakland, strangers do not greet each other.  In San Salvador, they do.  Some differences I enjoyed, like drinking water from the tap.  Others, not so much, like having to wear sweaters, jackets, socks, and boots. 
  It felt very good to be in California and see my friends and family.  Now it feels great to be back in San Salvador with its warm weather, sights and sounds, new delights that continue to surprise me, not to mention my darling husband.  My energy and focus are here, so for me, the grass is greener here.  We have one month left in El Salvador before we head off to another adventure.  I plan to enjoy our remaining days and experience as much as possible.  Quiero aprovecharlo! 

  Where in your life is the grass green?  What are you watering these days?

Here’s an example of a new delight for me, fresh lychees from the MAG farmer’s market.  
The farmer called them “litcheo”, but they could also go by “mamón chino” or “rambután”. 

A new-to-me California delight from a Persian market in San Diego, 
fresh raw pistachios. 

Now I know where the quote came from…
Justin Bieber’s song with a rap by Big Sean.  
There were a few long car rides on the trip!

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