Friday, June 22, 2012

Genzano di Roma Caffe, Ciambelle, and I HEART pizza

  This Roman café is GOOD!  So far I have tried their pizza, a few pastries, and a nice cinnamon iced tea.  The pizza crust is uber-thin and crunchy, and the personal size is just right for lunchtime.  The crazy green semi-hard doughnut is called “Ciambelle de Limon”.  It is lime green on the inside too!  Just now, I had fun with Google Images looking up “Ciambelle”.  It made me hungry.  It also brought back old memories of homemade donuts my friend’s Mom made for us the morning after a birthday party sleepover.  Try googling it.  I bet you’ll get hungry too.  But wait!  I’m writing about PIZZA, which I love.  It is one of my favorite foods, tied with PASTA, which Genzano di Roma Caffe also serves.  I HEART pizza and am glad to have found a pizza place in San Salvador that I can’t wait to go back to.

Pizza with potatoes and rosemary.

Espresso with biscotti.

¿Donde queda?
Calle El Mediterráneo 36-B, Jardines de Guadalupe
Antiguo Cuscatlán cerca de la UCA
Teléfono 2243-2153


  1. I love this place too! It was one of the first restaurants I'd ever been to when I moved to El Salvador. I remember being excited about the Illy espresso! And also noticing that it's one of the few places where the tip is not included. (Or at least it wasn't the last time I went there. They may have changed that due to the amount of people who didn't notice and left without tipping!) Now you're making me want to go back again!

  2. Hi Christina, Glad to have inspired a return visit! I'm curious to explore their menu more, though I'd be quite content just eating their pizza again. Bon Appetito! Zaira