Friday, June 1, 2012

My sister’s visit and a highlight from our time together - Playa El Tunco and Playa Sunzal, La Libertad

  Recently, my sister came for a week-long visit.  We managed to cover lots of ground and I’m tempted to share everything with you at once.  Instead I will sip and savor  places we visited in the coming months. 
  As some guidebooks recommend, my sister and I used San Salvador as our base, taking day trips and returning home before traffic turned intense.  We found a good balance of doing and seeing, resting and being. It was so nice to see El Salvador through her fresh eyes.  She loves to travel and was happy to have made the trek to a place she probably would not have chosen if I wasn’t living here.
  I’ll start by sharing my highlight from our time together.  Of course the beach was my favorite part!  One night we stayed at Tekuani Kal, a hotel in El Tunco with Mayan inspired art and diverse flora and fauna.  I’m not sure why, but I had low expectations, so I was completely thrilled when we arrived.  It’s not a fancy place, but it’s cool, funky and hip.  The most important part is that my sister LOVED it.  We relaxed in the hammocks by the beach, gazed at the ocean from the small infinity pool, and dined in its restaurant to the sound of crashing waves. 
  Before heading back to San Salvador the next day, we had lunch at Café Sunzal.  A guest at Tekuani Kal had told us we HAD to try their watermelon ceviche, and so we did!  
  On the drive there, I was reminded how close these two awesome beaches are to San Salvador (only 30-45 minutes away depending on what time you go).  A challenge for myself now is to go more often.  The beach is warmer and sunnier than the city these days so it’s a great mood booster when you need it.

  Here are some photos from our time at the beach...Enjoy!

  Scenes from Tekuani Kal


  1. I go there all the time! My parents love it so much that they request to go every time they visit me. I love this blog, by the way! -Christina Livesay

  2. Saludos Christina! It is a GORGEOUS place, and so close to the city! Glad you enjoy the blog. I like having the excuse to think and reflect upon my time here and then choose what's best for sharing. It's been a terrific process. All the best, Zaira