Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Súper Selectos y algunas de mis cosas favoritas, Super Selectos and a few of my favorite things

  Súper Selectos es un buen supermercado aquí en El Salvador.  La empresa es de dueños salvadoreños y hay más que 75 sucursales en el país.   Es un mercado normal, pero tiene buenos acentos, como frutas y vegetales especiales, comida internacional y gourmet, y muchos empleos para ayudarle.  Intento hacer mis compras en mercados menos comerciales pero Súper Selectos es tan fácil y tiene casi todo lo que quiero.  Aquí están algunas cosas que me gustan mucho.  Todas son hechas en El Salvador y tienen muy buena calidad.
  Super Selectos is a great grocery store here in El Salvador.  Owned and run by Salvadorans, there are over 75 stores in the country.  It’s a normal looking grocery store with special touches, like specialty produce, gourmet and international pantry items, and plenty of employees in the aisles to help you.  I try to shop at less commercial markets but Super Selectos has most of what I need and it’s easy!  Here are some of my favorite food items, all made here in El Salvador.

Yes Natural Yogurt - unsweetened and simple.  
I have it everyday in licuados or alone with fresh papaya and granola.

La Lucania Fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta – fantastic!

Quail Eggs – so delicate and pretty!

Cooked Beets – They’re good for you!

Carnivale Hummus - the perfect quantity (I always make too much)

Suprema Beer “La magia está en los detalles”  


  1. If I knew how to photo and post, I'd recommend the olive salad for muffeletas made by a company called "Enrico Formella" out of Illinois. I find it in small bottles, SOMETIMES, in the gourmet section of SS and also at Alioli. I called the distributor (JFM) offering to buy it by the case. Distributor's response has been less than nothing!

    I can make my own but the Enrico Formella is better.

  2. I love the YES natural unsweetened yogurt! I love Super Selectos (but then again, I love all supermarkets around the world). I usually get the Wasa fiber crisps (because fiber!), which are healthy and go nicely with hummus and cucumbers; the big box of crema para batir so I can make homemade gelato; Bucanero Cuban beer (can't stand flavorless Salvadoran beer); Roland's Thai curry paste; and Shaw's 70% dark chocolate. The list goes on and on, and I notice that most of these things are more international than Salvadoran, but still.

    1. Hi Christina and Wisellort, Thanks for writing! I like hearing what you two like from Super Selectos. I'm most excited to try the Bucanero beer. Happy grocery shopping!